This report is being submitted within the final date specified in the Terms of. Reference for SIVARAMAKRISHNAN COMMITTEE: ANDHRA PRADESH CAPITAL The full and final report of the Sivaramakrishnan committee to locate possible choices for the new capital of Andhra Pradesh has been. The Committee does not consider a single large capital city as a of the committee headed by former IAS officer KM Sivaramakrishnan. Vijaywada- Guntur region, the committee report has said the Districts of Download.

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Download PDFDownload Annual review of selected scientific literature: Report of the committee on scientific Therefore, Sivaramakrishnan and Sridharan systematically reviewed available reports on patient [Epub ahead of print.]. The article explores the cultural politics of regionalism in Coastal Andhra following the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh through a focus on the. Sivaramakrishnan Srinivasan Article Information, PDF download for Comprehensive Econometric Microsimulator for Daily Activity-Travel Patterns ยท Open epub.

A capital plan

Patients may report the absence of symptoms; or symptoms ranging from mild pain to bleeding. Radiographic findings are commonly absent, however, in rare cases of large lesions, a localized alveolar bone resorption could be noticed.

This is done with the intention of an appropriate treatment being established to avoid the recurrence of the lesions. In this way, the aim of this study was to investigate the incidence of IFH, OPG, GCF, POF, and PGCL diagnosed by one reference oral-anatomopathological diagnostic service, as well as analyze the related demographic data and the correlation among clinical and histopathological diagnoses.

Profile information was gathered on each case from biopsy files and patient records, and the following parameters were collected: patient's gender, age and ethnic group; and lesion-related data such as size, color, location and etiology. The cases were gathered and recorded consecutively so as to avoid any bias of selection.

Additionally, the agreement among histopathological and clinical diagnoses issued by the dentist was assessed. Literature review A review of the literature was carried out to retrieve studies on RHL with no restriction of publication year or language. The inclusion criteria were retrospective studies, and case series that included at least cases of RHL. Exclusion criteria were studies with no available full texts. The selection of the studies was performed in two phases.

Those who met the eligibility criteria were also included.

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Results During the 10 years period, cases of oral lesions were biopsied and examined histologically at the Oral Pathology Laboratory. From this total, cases were diagnosed as RHL, with an incidence of The outcome and study type criteria were applied at the screening stage.

The reference lists of included studies were also checked for additional relevant studies [ 38 ].

Screening was carried out in three stages using reference management software EndNote X7. First, a preliminary title and abstract screening was performed by one researcher DiS where duplicates and obviously irrelevant studies were removed. Five percent of the search results were cross-checked by another researcher KL. Disagreements were resolved by a third researcher CF or GB.

Data extraction A custom data extraction form for descriptive characteristics Additional file 2 was developed and piloted by three researchers DiS, GB, CF. Discrepancies were resolved through discussions among the researchers DiS, KL.

Authors of studies for which outcome data were not available were contacted and requested to provide the data, and were asked for clarifications if required. One study only reported median, minimum and maximum values for outcome variables [ 39 ].

Means and standard deviation were imputed from these data [ 40 , 41 , 42 ], and the study was included in the meta-analysis. Quality assessment Risk of bias was assessed independently by two researchers DiS, KL using the Cochrane risk of bias tool [ 43 ]. The following domains were assessed for physical function and HRQoL outcomes separately: selection bias random sequence generation, allocation concealment , detection bias blinding of outcome assessment , attrition bias incomplete outcome data , reporting bias selective reporting , and other bias sample selection bias [ 44 , 45 , 46 , 47 ], contamination bias [ 45 , 46 ], compliance bias [ 46 ] and response bias [ 48 ].

Performance bias blinding of participants and personnel was not assessed as it is impossible to blind participants and personnel in a yoga intervention study.

Sivaramakrishnan Committee submitted report to Union Home Ministry on AP Capital

Under each domain, studies were classified as low, high or unclear risk of bias. Discrepancies were resolved through discussion between the two researchers.

Analysis For the physical function and HRQoL variables, separate analyses comparing yoga with active and inactive groups were conducted. Other sub-group analyses such as types of yoga and gender were not explored. Though different yoga types have been used in the included studies, there is similarity between types in terms of the structure and postures followed and hence, it was not considered appropriate to compare them.

Further, the requisite outcome data were not readily available by gender for a majority of studies. For every outcome, effects of yoga was based on the category with the highest number of vote counts.

For example, for strength, if the majority of studies found significant positive results favouring yoga, then yoga was considered to have a positive effect [ 49 ]. Vote-counting has been critiqued as crude and flawed as it does not give due weight to sample size and effect size ES.

However, when used in conjunction with a meta-analysis, the method can provide a comprehensive understanding of the studies and outcomes included, and the effects of the intervention [ 49 ].

The vote-counting approach helped create a catalogue of all results from every study included in the systematic review, providing a foundational structure based on which the data for the meta-analysis were generated.

The vote counting analysis included all outcomes assessed by more than one study, and the included outcomes are presented in Table 1. Table 1 List of outcomes included and not included in vote-counting and meta-analysis Full size table Meta-analysis For outcomes where quantitative data from three or more studies were available, a meta-analysis was conducted using the Comprehensive Meta-Analysis Version 3, Professional software.

The outcomes included in the meta-analysis are presented in Table 1. Some studies used more than one test or instrument to measure an outcome. Since only one of these could be included in the meta-analysis, the test most commonly reported by the included studies was chosen.

For balance, only functional assessments [ 50 ] such as one leg stand test, Berg balance scale, standing balance tests from the Short Physical Performance Battery, and Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment POMA were included in the meta-analysis. Objective measures like static and dynamic posturography [ 50 ] were not included due to the lack of a composite index and difficulties in interpreting the data.

A random effects model was used as it better models data from heterogeneous populations [ Accessed Niyamgiri hill extends over Kalahandi and Rayagada districts of Odisha and Dangaria Kondhs live in the upper reaches, while the Kutia Kondhs inhabit the foot hills.

In the above context I am using it for non-tribal managerial employees. The state ultimately acknowledged the helpless situation of these women and provided adequate compensation for them and their children.

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