SAIL Previous Year Question Papers Pdf Sail Previous Year Question Paper for Electrical, Download. Get Steel Authority of India Paper for. SAIL MT Electronics Engineering Question Paper Answer Free Download Model Papers Management Trainee (MT) Electronics Exam Model | Sample | Mock Test Question Paper. question answers, if this SAIL MT Electronics question paper in pdf file format you can Previous Year Old Question Paper. send me provious ece question paper for sail xam? i am in very much need of these papers. Previous year Question Paers of BHEL and SAIL Exams being a candidate of Electronics stream? Previous SAIL I have attached the Question paper of SAIL Exam. SAIL Paper KB, views).

Sail Previous Year Question Paper For Electronics Pdf

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Visit for latest current affairs, previous year question papers. So, people can find SAIL Bhilai OCT ACT Trainee Exam Papers free. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd SAIL Management Trainee Recruitment - Syllabus and Exam Pattern practice, SAIL model questions for practice,SAIL free solved sample placement papers of previous years.

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Moving iron voltmeter. The smallest change in sound intensity that can be detected A. In a generic microprocessor, instruction cycle time is A.

SAIL Previous Year Question Papers Civil, Electrical, Mechanical

Instruction cycle time is exactly the same as the machine cycle time. Resistivity of electrical conductors is most affected by A. Resistivity of electrical conductors is most affected by temperature. The polarization required in ground wave propagation is A. Horizontal linear B.

Circular D. Elliptical The polarization required in ground wave propagation is vertical linear. Multicavity Klystron A. Multicavity Klystron is not a good low level amplifier because of noise. Transponder comprises of A. Transmitter B. Receiver C. Antenna D. Transponder comprises of transmitter, receiver and antenna. Consider the following statements regarding the circuit shown in the given figure : 1. If the switch K is closed at a proper instant there will be no transient 2.

The instant at which K is closed such that the transient is zero depends on the frequency of the supply 3. The instant at which K is closed such that the transient is zero depends on the circuit elements 4. There will always be a non-zero transient after the switch K is closed. Ofthesestatements: 1aloneis correct. A circular ring carrying a uniformly distributed charge Q and a point charges -Q on the axis of the ring are shown in the fig.

For points far away, the charge on the ring may be considered to be located be at the centre of the ring. Hence, the dipole moment becomes Qd. Which of the following regulator provides output voltage polarity reversal without a transformer A. Buck regulator B. Boost regulator C. Buck-boost regulator D. Cuk regulator The output voltage polarity is opposite to that of the input voltage.

It has high efficiency. The deflection of hot wire instrument depends on A. RMS value of alternating current B. The deflection of hot wire instrument depends on RMS value of alternating current. One at the origin B. Two identical roots on the negative real axis. Two on the imaginary axis D.

One on the position real axis. Dual slope integration type Analog-to-Digital converters provide A. Dual slope integration type A to D converters are of slow speed and require more number of bits, than successive approximation ADC In the figure given below, the collector current is 2 mA mA Almost zero 0.

Since emitter and base have same polarity and same potential, EBJ is not biased property. Hence, IB is zero and so is IC. The frequency modulated FM radio frequency range is nearly A. The frequency modulated FM radio frequency range is nearly 90 - MHz.


A 32 bit microprocessor has the word length equal to A. In electronic microcircuits, a resistor may be fabricated from constant-thickness layer of semiconductor material with conductor connections at the edges as shown below.

If the resistor shown has resistance R, then a similar resistor 0. Resistance will be directly proportional to length and inversely proportional to the crosssectional area.

Let t mm be the thickness of semi-conductor material so that the crosssectional area for R ohm resistor is 0. For a 0. Line imperfection in a crystal is called A. Schottky defect B. Frenkel defect C.

Miller defect. Line imperfection in a crystal is called edge dislocation.

The function of diplexer bridge in a TV transmitter is A. The function of diplexer bridge in a TV transmitter is to prevent the loading of several transmitters by video transmitter. Sometimes microwave signals follow the earths curvature. This due to A. Ionospheric reflection B. Faraday rotation C. Ducting D. Ionospheric scatter.

This is due to ducting. The modes in a reflex Klystron A. The modes in a reflex Klystron give the same frequency but different transit time. The capacity of a channel is A. The capacity of a channel is maximum rate of information transmission Fill in the Blanks with appropriate Words 1. Please and Thank you are the little courtesies by which we keep the.. The bright colour of this shirt has.

One major. Even a glance will reveal the mystery a crude b cursory-Answer c critical d curious 5. His standard of living has. The passengers were afraid but the captain. His first failure did not him from making another attempt. No one will.. The doctor.. He didnt have the.. This is a translation of the speech.

The news of the secret deal soon despite official silence. No man had a more.. I have often why he went to live abroad. He lives near a lonely of countryside.

To nobody else did the story seem a contingent b credible-Answer c credulous d creditable The transfer of territories could not take place because one state.. Anticipating renewed rioting, the authorities erected.

When their examinations were over, the children gleefully. Home rule league movement started on? INSAT 1 8. Technical was ok and the questions mainly came from Psu book published by Galgotia Publications near about 50 questions came from it.

They mainly concentrated on Electrical Machines. Some questions based on power system came from C. However some of the questions which came in exam are as follows.

Last 10 years question papers of SAIL?

K was simple. For more R. He sells 27 pen at the marked price of the 30 pens. Then how is the person in the picture and the person is related? A and B started the work and then A leaved it after 14 days then how much time did it take for B to complete the work a 5 days b 6 days c 3 days d 2 days 7 When did the Burma was separated from India?

Terminal colours of Rainbow? ANS: Farenheit 6. Electrostatic potential is a Scalar Quantity or Vector Quantity? Among values 1 to Probability of occurance of numbers ending with 9 is? Si,Ge lie in In Zener breakdown is proportional to Ans -ive coefficient of temperature If water is heated from 0degree to 10 degree effect on volume a: increase steadily b: remain same c: decrease steadily It Will Start Oscillate Dandi march was related t Radiation pattern of loop antenna a: cardioid b. Cooks island is situated in which continent?

Range of AM Signal? In an Electrolyte if rod is immersed then mass on rod will be proportional to a: current passed in it Sarvnam chatiye X Rays are Rays Ans emw I am sreevasavi I would like to tell about the written test which was conducted by SAIL I am from mechanical branch Aptitude in that they have asked most of the questions from percentage , profit and loss , problems on train , Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Calender, Age problems, Time and Work ,H. F, average, square roots, Decimal Fractions, Discount problems, Odd man out and series.

Hey friends just go through the R. Verbal in that they have asked for meanings, opposites, appropriate words, Passages, analogy, relationships, Coding and decoding ,cubes and dice, statement and conclusions, Mirror images, Alphabet test, Mathematical Operations, Data sufficiency.

General Awareness this all about general knowledge test of the student. So try to refer some G.

Last 10 years question papers of SAIL?

K general questions like some quotations given by great people like Mahatma Gandhi they will give some quotation n they will ask who said this quotation like that, next O2 is carried out by red blood cells n some on nature n some n history n some on current affairs n some on politics n some on food products like that so try to know some general questions.

Technical Test In this they will ask about subject as I am from mechanical they asked questions from Automobile engineering, Design of machine members, Strength of materials, Kinematics, MOF, Thermal subject study all cycles n about working of piston n they have asked some problems from DMM n some problems on turbines n some of determining speeds so frens do concentrate up on core subjects which we have in our 2nd and 3rd and sem subjects that too core subjects.

Hope the best frens Mine was after noon slot reporting time at pm. Entry closed at 2. The test duration is 2 and half hours min. One single question booklet with two sections.

You are only allowed to open the section 1 seal in the first half and 2 seal after 75minutes. Negative marking: - 0. Though Pepsi was available he went to the next building and downloadd Coke Its an example for Brand loyalty, brand recall.

Re: Last 10 years question papers of SAIL?

What is the relationship? Find the ration of work of A and C. General knowledge 2. Reasoning and mental ability 3. Quantitative aptitude 4. Vocabulary 5. Technical Question The number of questions in each section may vary year to year,but the number of sections and total time will be same. Time will be 2 hour 30 minutes.Time will be 2 hour 30 minutes.

Visit Current-Affairs. He lives near a lonely of countryside. For more information, visit www. Guests may obtain a copy of a birth certificate by contacting : The Department of Health and Vital Statistics at : www. Non IT companies

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