Four Cores of credibility and the 13 Behaviors of high-trust leaders. The summary . The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey with. Rebecca R. Merrill. THE SPEED OF TRUST. Author: Stephen M.R. Covey. This book is geared toward individuals, specifically someone in a position of authority. FOREWORD Twenty years ago when I wrote this book, I had no idea how the world would change Seven Habits of Highly Effect.

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According to Stephen M. R. Covey (son of the best- selling author The Speed of Trust challenges the assumptions that trust is merely a soft. is the former CEO of Covey Leadership Center and the son of Stephen R. Covey, the author of A graduate of Harvard Business School, Mr. Covey serves on the I am also convinced in every situation nothing is as fast as the speed of trust. Think of a low-trust relationship you have. ▫ What is it like to work with this person ? ▫ How long does it take to get things done? ▫ What is communication like?.

These costs can be quantified and, when they are, suddenly leaders recognize how low trust is not merely a social issue, but that it is an economic matter.

The dividends of high trust can be similarly quantified, enabling leaders to make a compelling business case for trust. The best leaders then focus on making the creation of trust an explicit objective. It must become like any other goal that is focused on, measured, and improved.

Lesson 2: You first have to trust yourself, because trust is similar to confidence.

It must be communicated that trust matters to management and leadership. It must be expressed that it is the right thing to do and it is the economic thing to do.

One of the best ways to do this is to make an initial baseline measurement of organizational trust and then to track improvements over time. The true transformation starts with building credibility at the personal level. The foundation of trust is your own credibility, and it can be a real differentiator for any leader.

A person's reputation is a direct reflection of their credibility, and it precedes them in any interactions or negotiations they might have. Be the one that does that best.

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Then add to your credibility the kind of behavior that builds trust. Next, take it beyond just you as the leader and extend it to your entire organization.

The combination of that type of credibility and behavior and organizational alignment results in a culture of high trust. As public companies, both Berkshire Hathaway and Wal-Mart are subject to all kinds of market and regulatory scrutiny.

Typically, a merger of this size would take several months to complete and cost several million dollars to pay for accountants, auditors, and attorneys to verify and validate all kinds of information. But in this instance, because both parties operated with high trust, the deal was made with one two-hour meeting and a handshake. It's invaluable.

I'd bet the price of this exciting book and more that his son, Stephen M. Covey, will have at least as much impact. The Speed of Trust is an amazing book, starting with its novel and powerful title -- my greatest wonder was why it hadn't been written before.

From the epigraph -- 'Speed happens when people truly trust each other' -- to the closing bell, this is a book worth savoring -- and implementing. It is exactly what business leaders need today. This book gets to the core roots of ethical behavior and integrity and how 'trusted' leaders and organizations do things better, faster, and at lower cost.

More trust leads to faster results, less trust to slower progress. Lesson 2: You first have to trust yourself, because trust is similar to confidence. The most important person to trust then, is yourself.

Why Covey Wrote this Book:

Covey says there are four cores to developing great trust in yourself. Integrity Capabilities Results Integrity is about being honest whenever you get a chance.

Have a chance to admit you really were lucky with that last goal you scored during soccer practice? Do it.

Making even the smallest commitment and keeping it will also help — it might be as simple as stopping to hit the snooze button. Intent comes from questioning your motives and developing admirable ones.The Speed of Trust is an amazing book, starting with its novel and powerful title -- my greatest wonder was why it hadn't been written before.

The Speed Of Trust - Stephen M.R. Covey

Like the air we breathe, we too often take this critical intangible for granted. After running the Covey Leadership center as CEO and growing it 80x in value, he now runs his own leadership institute about trust, CoveyLink.

This one realization can change your life. But the fact is, the costs of low trust are very real, they are quantifiable, and they are staggering.

Want to know how to do this perfectly? A humble person is more concerned about what is right than about being right, about acting on good ideas than having the ideas, about embracing new truth than defending outdated position, about building the team than exalting self, about recognizing contribution than being recognized for making it.

This is the best book by a Covey since 7 Habits.

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