Started with PHP & MySQL. with the XAMPP Package. PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & HTML5 All-In-One F Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS & HTML5. Hello Matt Doyle, author: What an extraordinary job, your new text on the latest version of PHP! While browsing books on a Borders bookstore in South. Introduction Welcome to Beginning PHP ! This book teaches you how to build interactive Web sites and applications using PHP, one of the most popular Web.

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Programmer to Programmer™ Get more out of Interact Chapters on Demand Take an active role online by partici. Join the discussion @ Beginning. PHP Matt Doyle. Beginning yle. PH Chapters on Demand. download individual book chapters in pdf. download individual book chapters in pdf format. Join the Community. Sign up for . Beginning. PHP Matt Doyle. Wiley Publishing, Inc.

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Beginning PHP 5.3

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PHP is a programming language for building dynamic, interactive Web sites. A dynamic Web page is a page whose contents can change automatically each time the page is viewed. Meanwhile, an interactive Web site is a site that responds to input from its visitors. A Web forum is a good example — users can post new messages to the forum, which are then displayed on the site for all to see. A good example of a client-side scripting language is JavaScript, which commonly runs within a Web browser.

The process of running a PHP script on a Web server looks like this: 1. The interesting stuff happens when a PHP script runs. In this book you learn how to write scripts to do all of these, and more. All these great features mean that you can use PHP to create practically any type of dynamic Web application you can dream of.

This topic is covered in Appendix D at the end of this book. Why Use PHP?

Beginning PHP 5.3 by Matt Doyle

This means that you can develop and test your PHP Web site on one setup, then deploy it on a different type of system without having to change much of your code. How does PHP compare with other common Web programming technologies?

Because ASP. NET gives you a large library of code for doing things like creating HTML forms and accessing database tables, you can get a Web application up and running very quickly. NET does.

Many would argue that C is a nicer, better-organized language to program in than PHP, although C is arguably harder to learn. Another advantage of ASP. First of all, they have a commercial license, which can mean spending additional money on server software, and hosting is often more expensive as a result.

NET are fairly heavily tied to the Windows platform, whereas the other technologies in this list are much more cross-platform. The main downside of Java compared to PHP is that it has quite a steep learning curve, and you have to write a fair bit of code to get even a simple Web site going though JSP helps a lot in this regard. Overall, Python is a very nice language, but PHP is currently a lot more popular, and has a lot more built-in functionality to help with building Web sites.

An additional plus point is its tight integration with Flex, another Adobe technology that allows you to build complex Flash-based Web applications.

PHP and Apache are, of course, free and open source. In summary, PHP occupies something of a middle ground when it comes to Web programming languages. This makes PHP highly suited to its main job: building Web sites.


In the past, PHP has been criticized for the way it handled a number of things — for example, one of its main stumbling blocks was the way in which it implemented object support. However, since version 5, PHP has taken stock of the downfalls of its predecessors and, where necessary, has completely rewritten the way in which it implements its functionality.

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Beginning PHP 5.3 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

These require only a single empty tag akin to a start tag and do not use an end tag.Checkbox field Nothing is sent at all. October 9th, If you would like to have new messages from a particular forum e-mailed to you, click the Subscribe to this Forum icon by the forum name in the forum listing. Dealing Securely with Form Data Although the preceding script is just an example and is not designed for use in the real world, a couple of security issues with the script are worth pointing out.

Chapter 6 Download Code Download:: Chapter 8 delves into the world of object-oriented programming. For more information about how to use the Wrox P2P, be sure to read the P2P FAQs for answers to questions about how the forum software works as well as many common questions specific to P2P and Wrox books.

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