Editorial Reviews. Review. "This book brilliantly exposes how the very roots of the madness Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil by [Levy, Paul]. Dispelling Wetiko Breaking The Curse Of Evil by ichwarmaorourbia.ga Study as pdf , site, word, txt, ppt, rar and/or zip file on this web page. Or you can also read. Paul Levy's book, Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil, is an exploration under which we labor “wetiko,” a Cree term that refers to a.

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I wasn't disappointed. This is a thoroughly fascinating read, and very timely -- both personally for me I'll get to that ; and for our world today.

Wetiko generally refers to evil, but it's more than that. Our Western concepts of evil get in the way of dispelling it, so that definition is not sufficient.

We are trapped by our Western I heard about this book when the author was interviewed on the Ground Zero radio program -- and immediately, I was hooked and had to download it that very night. We are trapped by our Western definition, and cannot hope to win a battle with evil in continuing with it -- the entire point of this book is to rectify that conceptual framework.

Philip K.

Dispelling Wetiko

Dick also wrote about wetiko, though he called it the 'black iron prison' -- yet he correctly stated in his writings that 'anyone who defeats a segment of the Empire, then becomes the Empire'. This is why a straight on, binary, black and white approach to evil does not work in the end. If you're a fan of Jung and that sort of writing, then this book for you.

I will warn you that it is a difficult read in many ways -- like Jung, the concepts are quite complex, and I found myself re-reading sections several times. I will also re-read the entire book at least one more time.

But it is time well-spent, and Paul Levy makes it as simple as it can possibly be: a topic like this IS deep and cannot be merely reduced to little slogans and soundbites.

This fluidly moving, nomadically wandering bug reciprocally reinforces and feeds off and into each of our unconscious blind spots, which is how it non-locally propagates itself throughout the field.

And as a contagion unchecked by most vaccines, it tends to become worse rather than better with time.

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More and more people catch it, in more and more places, and they become the true teachers of the young. Frighteningly, the wetiko psychosis is becoming ever more institutionalized and incorporated into our corporate culture and its way of thinking.

People who are channeling the vibratory frequency of wetiko align with each other through psychic resonance to reinforce their unspoken shared agreement so as to uphold their deranged view of reality. Once unconscious content takes possession of certain individuals, it irresistibly draws them together by mutual attraction and knits them into groups tied together by their shared madness that can easily swell into an avalanche of insanity.

A psychic epidemic is a closed system, which is to say that it is insular and not open to any new information or informing influences from the outside world which contradict its fixed, limited, and limiting perspective. In a co-dependent, self-perpetuating feedback loop, any reflection that is offered from others, rather than being reflected upon, utilized, and integrated in a way that supports the growth and evolution of the system, is perversely misinterpreted to support the agreed-upon delusion binding the collective psychosis together.

Anyone challenging this shared reality is seen as a threat and demonized. An impenetrable field, like a protective bubble, is collectively conjured up around their shared psychosis that literally resists consciousness and perpetuates the spell-like trance of those in its thrall.

There is no talking rationally, using logic or facts, with someone under the spell of the psychic epidemic, as their ability to reason and to use discernment has been disabled and distorted in service to the psychic pathogen which they carry.

When a group of people are in agreement about anything, whether it is true or not, their alignment with each other exerts a contagious, magnetic field of force which can sway the unaware and attract them into itself. We are on guard, even paranoid, regarding contagious diseases of the body, but we are woefully asleep and unconcerned about, and hence more susceptible to, catching the more dangerous collective diseases of the mind, which are reaching pandemic proportions in our world today. The wetiko culture offers no incentive for them to self-reflectingly speculate upon their increasingly depraved condition; on the contrary, the nonlocal field configures itself to enable, further cultivate, and deepen their psychosis.

When someone is a full-blown, unrecognized wetiko, the field around them torques so as to protect, collude with, and feed into their psychosis in a way that entrances those around them. Similar to how an octopus squirts ink in order to hide, a psychic field gets conjured up around full-blown wetikos which obfuscates their malfeasance.

Once under the wetiko spell, people lose the capacity to recognize the wetiko pathology in others. The greater the gap between the conscious and the unconscious, the greater the chance of falling under a collective psychosis such as wetiko.

See a Problem?

The less the permeability, and hence communication and dialogue between the conscious ego and the informing influence of the wisdom of the unconscious, that is, the greater the dissociation between the two, the greater the probability of being infected with the leprosy of collective thinking.

The type of person ripe for falling prey to the wetiko infection is usually one whose strings are pulled and manipulated by others, who follows a life path dictated by others and is unaccustomed to think for themselves.

Not in touch with their inner guidance, they project authority outside of themselves and become very suggestible to the agreed-upon consensus opinion of the dominant pack.The ad message is on reviews of side n't usual in Roman sociology, rather Petronius' Satyricon. More and more people catch it, in more and more places, and they become the true teachers of the young. I am still chewing on the concepts and have no words to explain them to anyone else.

Aug 02, Christian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Remember Me. Citing Iraqi polls showing an increase in support of IS in preference to the unknown local Iraqi or UN interference was used by Aly as the reason that international intervention should be reconsidered for a city held in siege conditions by IS. Beyond its faults, this is a vitally important book about the root problem cursing the human race and how to address it.

Oxford University Press, particular.

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